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BREAKING!! RED Content producer center launched with important updates

According to ebrun, there are several important updates of RED / Xiaohongshu yesterday.

1. CONTENT PRODUCER CENTER is officially launched

As announced in November last year (see details here), the old influencer platform is upgraded to content producer center. Any user with over 5000 followers and 10 posts with more than 2000 organic views in the past 6 months now can apply to be the Content Producer. Any individual influencer that doesn’t have a signed MCN can also join this.

2. Brand account is upgraded to Enterprise account

Not only brand owners, but also retail shops, studio, or self-employed person can apply for the Enterprise account. There will be more functions, including lucky draw system, customized H5 page and hashtag, auto-reply private message, and more followers/traffic/engagement figures that you can check. What’s more, you can also create a page for your offline shop and connect it with your enterprise account.

3. Xiaohongshu has closed all offline shops in Shanghai

Xiaohongshu said offline shops are experiment project and will adjust the strategy and keep exploring new retail business.


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