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New Content Producer Plan on RED

On Nov 28, RED / Xiaohongshu launched a new Content Producer Plan to provide more support and new features to content producers.

There are thousands of content producers/influencers producing nice content about beauty, fashion and lifestyle on RED. How to connect them with the shop and products and get more sales is the key question. This year eCommerce livestreaming is becoming super hot on Taobao. Two top livestreamer Austin and Viya have received a lot of attention by bringing millions of sales revenue to brands.

The new Content Producer Plan will provide great support to influencers on RED, allowing them to integrate livestreaming functions and link to product pages. Customers can click and purchase and influencers will get a certain percentage of revenue as commission.

Currently RED is selling a lot of advertising packages to big brands, which has helped them start to gain profit. Will this new plan be an important step of RED’s commercialization? Or will this damage the community’s authenticity?


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