Going into a new market is never easy. Our consultants are market experts coming from BAT and eCommerce marketplaces in China with solid market know-how.

We evaluate your needs, propose practical strategies and solutions. Our professional team based in China handle your projects carefully and connect you with the best channels and resources.

We manage your cost and risk. We partner with you to make your business successful in China.


​Selling to China is not that complicated. We are connected with major e-commerce marketplaces and can help you list products to reach millions of Chinese consumers. We are also able to help you build your own online shop, linked to the Chinese biggest social media - WeChat.

We provide cross border solutions if you don't own a Chinese entity, including cross border logistics and payment support. We are also specialized in social commerce and can help you manage your private traffic.


China has a unique social media landscape that are totally different from the west. Building brand awareness from zero takes time and effort. We have a dedicated in-house team with copywriters, graphic designers and project managers that can help you go through every step on content management, KOL marketing, and O2O branding etc.

We cover all major social platforms including but not limited to WeChat, Weibo, RED, Douyin, & Bilibili etc. with a database of 5000+ KOL/influencers/bloggers.


China is nowadays an enabler of making a business from 1 to N. China is huge and fast moving. This is not ONE market but many different markets. Learn to understand the market, customers and the trends are important to brands.

We organize regular training sessions and seminars to help brands understand the China market. We also provide online courses for both executives and employees including practical advices and operation tips on digitalizing your business and dealing with "New Retail" model. 

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