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INSIGHTS | Red & Bilibili's Moves on E-Commerce for Double 11!

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In 2023, China's Double 11 (11.11), a major online shopping event, marks its 15th year. It's a fantastic chance for consumers to find the best deals and for brands to attract new customers, achieving significant growth.

Taobao's Double 11 data reveals impressive statistics, with over 100 million new members on Tmall, nearly a 30% YoY increase of brand members, and consistent over 100% growth in sales over multiple days.

This year's Double 11 isn't just about traditional e-commerce platforms. Social commerce platforms like Red and Bilibili are actively involved too.

▲ Image via @Upaah (小红书)

This user prefers Red to Taobao for Double 11 shopping and the post got nearly 2.2k engagements.

In this article, Double V Consulting will discuss Red and Bilibili's Double 11 policies for brands and influencers, delve into consumer feedback, and offer practical advice for brands entering the Chinese market, suggesting the most effective social media platform for brand marketing.



Driving In-App Sales as a Shopping Guide

This year, Red is promoting live-stream. Brands are encouraged to open stores on Red, collaborate with influencers for product recommendations, and create content or have influencers host live-streams. This approach makes Red more sales-focused, allowing consumers to receive shopping suggestions and make direct purchases within the platform.

Red's Policies during Double 11

On November 3rd, Red shared remarkable Double 11 live-streaming results. Beauty influencer Zhang Xiaohui and fashion influencer Dong Jie each surpassed 100 million yuan in a single session. Over 20 influencers achieving tens of millions in sales.

▲ Image via Xiaohongshu

Top sales live-stream influencers

However, Double V Consulting found that some users were not satisfied with Red's e-commerce results during Double 11.



Redirecting to External E-commerce Platforms

Unlike Red, which focuses on developing in-app sales, Bilibili's strategy for this year's Double 11 is to leverage its creative content advantage to drive traffic to external e-commerce platforms.

▲ Image via Bilibili

Bilibili Double 11 performance

Bilibili's Policies during Double 11

This collaboration successfully attracted more young consumers to participate Double 11 through Bilibili, creating buzz on social media.

Many emerging Chinese brands have gained visibility on Bilibili, achieving impressive sales conversions.

While it provided brands with opportunities to engage with the consumers, some Bilibili users complained about the platform's increased ads. How to balance between e-commerce conversions and positive user experience remains a challenge for Bilibili.


Double V Tips

Red and Bilibili are changing how Double 11 works. Consumers are getting used to constant discounts during shopping festivals, and tired of the old, complicated discount rules. Now, the shopping festivals are not just for consumers looking for deals, but more for platforms and brands to attract consumers.

Whether Red is building its own social commerce empire or Bilibili is teaming up with traditional e-commerce platforms, it's a competition to get users. We recommend the brands to choose social platforms wisely based on the product type, market goals, and brand development stage to reach the targeted audience.

▲ Image via 2024 China Social Media Whitepaper

Co-published by Double V Consulting & Retex

If you're unsure about how brands can choose suitable platforms, you can download our 2024 China Social Media Whitepaper, co-published by Double V Consulting and Retex. We feature 4 major social media platforms - WeChat, RED, Douyin and Bilibili, introduced their updated platform policies, successful branding cases and forecasted trends in 2024. In the end, we provided suggestions for brands to choose the most suitable social platforms.

As a brand consulting company, we've collaborated to research China's major social media platforms, offering advice for marketing your brand as you enter the Chinese market. Feel free to contact us for more tailored advice.


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