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BRAND CASE | Repositioning of an Old Generation Car Brand


"Not a girl's car"

⚫ Wuling is a Chinese automobile brand specialized in compact and affordable vehicles.

⚫ Its brand image was associated with practicality, affordability, and reliability, suitable for business and commercial purposes in emerging markets.

⚫ The appearance of its vehicles tended to be straightforward, emphasizing functionality over elaborate aesthetics.



A social commerce platform dominated by young female users

Post 90s users

Female users

⚫ RED (Xiaohongshu) is a popular social commerce platform in China, known as the ‘Chinese Instagram’ that prioritizes content over influencers.

⚫ With rapidly increasing number of UGC posts and brand accounts, it has become an important platform for brands and influencers to connect with consumers and promote their products.


1. Demand Identification

⚫  When Wuling decided to promote its new MINIEV on RED in 2020, the brand received trend insights from the platform.

⚫  Among top searched terms related to the word ‘car’, the demand for ‘car modification tips’ on RED was significant.

2. Content Strategies

Stylish contents by Influencers

⚫ Influencer contents by chic young females sharing the stylish & personalized Wuling MINIEV with their OOTD pictures in lifestyle scenarios such as picnics and road trips.

Content marketing matrix

⚫  Content marketing matrix (Open-screen Ads, feeds ads, branded tags & contents) encouraged MINIEV users to share their modified cars and DIY tips.

3. Campaign Outcomes

a) Brand Repositioning


Old-fashioned & dusty metal delivery vehicles driven by mid-aged men


Modern & fashionable daily vehicles with pretty & personalized appearances driven by urban youths

b) Key Performance Data

🔵 240m+ exposures

🔵 37k+ new followers

🔵 900k+ MINIEV sold

🔵 User ideas brought new products & services development

major NINIEV users 🔵 90s & 95s

female MINIEV users 🔵 78%

MINIEV sold in 1st & 2nd tier cities 🔵 40%


🔵 To delve deeper into the world of RED and explore other social platforms in China, please visit our website: to access the full comprehensive <2024 China Social Media whitepaper>.


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