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Women Empowerment in Branding - Dos and Donts

Today is the Women’s Day (March 8th). Women empowerment is a super hot topic in China now. How to utilize the trend while also avoid the controversy in branding is a must-learn lesson for brands.

✅Positive case:

Chinese lingerie brand NEIWAI super successful campaign “No body is nobody”, featuring 6 women of different ages, body types and skin tones. The brand earned a lot of compliment on social media because of their strong body inclusivity concept - each body is unique and matters, you should not be defined by your body shape.

NEIWAI's "No Body is Nobody" campaign had a huge success
NEIWAI's "No Body is Nobody" campaign had a huge success

❌Negative case 1:

Top 1 selling lingerie brand UBRAS, had a male stand-up comedian post a Weibo saying that bras can help women “lie down and win (躺赢)” in the workplace. Some customers wrote very negative comments “Is this really from a female leading team? I will never ever purchase your products anymore!”

❌Negative case 2:

Purcotton, a leading brand selling cotton products (cotton pads, towel, underwear etc.) in China, posted a video to promote their make-up removal wipes. In the video, a girl is followed by a creepy guy. She then uses the product and scares the guy away after removing the make-up. The video was widely discussed and people commented “Have you forgotten that you are selling to women? How can you humiliate women like this?”


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