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The top 1 Lipstick KOL on XiaoHongShu is a guy!

I'm sure you have heard of this guy. Not only on RED, @李佳琦Austin is also the No. 1 male live streaming KOL on Taobao (口红一哥).

Austin is famous for trying and recommending lipsticks in his videos. His fans are already addicted to his “Oh my god!” “Amazing!” “You have to buy this!” “Wear this lipstick and you are a queen!” He once sold out 14,000 pcs of lipsticks in 1 minute. During Double 11 last year, he was invited to join a game with Jack Ma to see which one could sell more lipsticks during a live streaming. Of course Austin won. He sold 1000 pcs compared to Jack Ma's 10 pcs.

Austin was born in 1992 and was a beauty advisor at L'Oreal specialty store. In Oct. 2016, L'Oreal started to collaborate with Taobao live streaming and selected some BAs to join the KOL training program. Austin was in the first training program. In Feb. 2017, Austin started his live streaming on Taobao. Until now, he's already have 2.3+ million followers on Taobao. His last live streaming during the Women's Day (8 Mar.) had 1.87+ million views.

On RED, Austin has reached 3.2 million followers (top 5 KOL including celebrities) with only 87 posts. All of his posts are short videos (less than 1 min). In each video, he would wear different shades of lipsticks and recommend 3 to 4 shades that he thinks are the best. One of his videos recommending Giorgio Armani's lip gloss got 91k likes and 31k collects.

If you search “Recommended by Austin (李佳琦推荐)” on RED, more than 14k related posts show up. What's more crazy is other regular users started to summarize his recommendations and post on RED. One of these summary posts by a regular RED user even got 39k likes and 90k collects.

Austin has worked with many international and Chinese beauty brands, including CHANEL, MAC, MAKE UP FOREVER, BURBERRY, YSL, TOM FORD etc. MAKE UP FOREVER's brand official account on RED even put his recommendations in one of their brand posts, and also “Recommended by Austin” in the product name so it's easier for people to search.


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