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Online games also have brand accounts on RED?

Arena of Valor (王者荣耀), one of the most popular online games in China, has been posting on RED since Jan. this year. Before officially launched on RED, they have already done cross over events in 2018 - scan the QR code and go to RED to take a test and see which character you are in Arena of Valor. You can also get a customized parcel box with Arena of Valor images if you order on RED.

This kind of collaboration enables male-dominated online game industry to reach more female users through RED and vice versa.

In order to attract more female users, Arena of Valor also launched a cross-over campaign with beauty brand M. A. C. MAC launched several limited edition lipsticks with color shades inspired by the characters in the game. They also work with KOLs to do makeup cosplay. A very interesting and imaginative collaboration!


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