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How do COVID-19 impact on China mobile Internet in Q1 2020?

According to QuestMobile’s newly released report, the MAU of China mobile Internet in Mar. 2020 has reached 1.15 billion, increasing by 17 million compared to Dec. 2019. The average daily time spent on mobile Internet also reached 7.2 hours (YOY growth 28.6%).

Among all industries, working Apps, online entertainment and online education were increasing fast. Yet online travel, food delivery and offline services industries suffered the most.

On the other hand, mini programs also became more popular. The number of WeChat mini program with over 5 million MAU reached 317 with a growth of 61.7% compared to the end of 2019. Among all types of mini programs, games and short videos are the Top 2 categories.

In terms of city tiers, users from 3rd, 4th and lower tier cities increased the most. This may be because people move from 1stand 2nd tier cities to lower tier cities for the Chinese New Year.

What’s more interesting is emerging platforms such as Bilibili, Kuaishou and RED have been increasing fast through building a close relationship with users. Bilibili and RED’s MAU have a 32% and 15.3% YOY growth. Content driven platforms help on product seeding and bring traffic to e-commerce platforms. 45.2% of Bilibili users open Taobao App after closing Bilibili App.

Check out full report here


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