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Trending in China: Blind Box

Recently Blind Box (盲盒) becomes super popular among Gen Z (post-95s and post-00s) in China. Search Blind Box on RED/Xiaohongshu, you’ll find 60,000+ posts and 240+ related products.

Each Blind Box has a doll/toy/model inside but you don’t know which one you’ll get until you open it. One Blind Box can be sold at the price of RMB 50-80. In order to collect the whole collection, sometimes a special model can be sold at RMB 2000-5000.

According to a research from Tmall, among all post-95s customers, Blind Box has the fastest growth rate. There are more than 200,000 people who have spent more than RMB 20,000 on Blind Box last year. On XianYu (China’s largest second-hand goods trading platform under Alibaba), there were more than 300,000 people selling and buying Blind Box last year, with a 320% growth every month.

POP MART is the largest Blind Box manufacturer in China. It owns 400+ offline stores and Blind Box vending machines covering 40+ cities. The hottest Blind Box brand - Molly is under POP MART. Last year, Molly sold out more than 5 million pieces. POP MART has also been working with hot IPs and comic figures to launch new Blind Boxes.

Maybe this is something that brands can try to impress Gen Z?


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