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Xiaohongshu/RED report - 10 New Trends on Female Lifestyle in 2021

1️⃣ Healthy living lifestyle - Physically & mentally

Exercising posts increase by 300%. 0-suger posts up 145%. Psychology counseling posts up 44%.

2️⃣ Say no to appearance anxiety!

“No-makeup-look” posts up 33%. Plus-size fashion’s search volume up 220%.

3️⃣ Personal joy lifestyle

Fruit wine’s search volume up 194%. Unisex fashion posts’ views up 183%.

4️⃣ Diversified beauty

Men’s fashion’s search volume up 60%. Nearly 700k photography tips posts.

5️⃣ More rational to money

Part-time jobs’ search volume up 140%. Affordable good products’ search volume up 178%.

6️⃣ More retro-style

210k+ “Hong Kong fashion style” posts (retro style in 1990s). Y2K style’s search volume up 30+ times.

7️⃣ Sense of ceremony

Rental house renovation’s search volume up 80%. Breakfast’s search volume up 100%.

8️⃣ Healing

Healing pictures’ search volume up 26+ times. Search volume of cats increased by 90%.

9️⃣ Record the lifestyle

1.7 million OOTD posts on XHS. Diary book (手账)’s search volume up 50%.

🔟 Treasure-hunting shopping

Niche handbags’ search volume up 90%. “Good products” search volume up 95%.


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