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What content is popular on Xiaohongshu?

Here is a 2019 community content trends report released by RED that can answer your questions!

⭐️ Top 10 content category: Beauty, Travel, Fashion, Entertainment, Food, Baby & Maternity, Daily life, Pets, Keeping fit

⭐️ The content is getting more and more diversified

Education (⬆️ 622.03%)

Photography (⬆️ 433.07%)

Sports (⬆️ 268.13%)

Technology (⬆️115.88%)

Home Decoration (⬆️103.73%)

⭐️ Male and female users like different content

- Male users post about wedding more, especially in May and Oct - peak season for weddings

- Male post 40% more home decoration content, yet female users post more about food.

- Female post about losing weight 3 times more. Male post about keeping fit 2.6 times more.

- Male’s interest to fashion are 50% more than female.

- Male likes to post about pets more. Among post-90s, cats related content is more than dogs.

- Female likes to study. Males likes to travel (17.15%) more than female (13.05%).

- There are 50+ million mothers on RED, among whom 46% are post-90s new mothers.

- Male like to post about daily life more, especially with vlog.

In 2019, over 100 million audiences watched Vlog each month. Study videos received 12 million views and 38+ million likes.

Check out the full report below!


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