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Will WeChat Live Streaming Be A Game Changer?

Perfect Diary live streaming on mini program

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, retail stores are actively looking for new sales channels online. According to a report released by Tencent and Boston Consulting Group, social media penetration rate is 97%+ in China, Chinese consumers averagely spend nearly 4 hours on mobile phones and 2.3 hours on social media every day.

2019 was an important year for e-commerce live streaming. Taobao live streaming brought 20 billion RMB sales during Double 11 in 2019. RED/Xiaohongshu also launched live streaming function. Not to mention Douyin and Kuaishou. With 1.1 billion MAU, WeChat is the most widely used APP in China. Recently WeChat launched mini program live streaming function, helping brands convert followers to customers and better manage private traffic.

Brands can link the live streaming mini program to its own mini program shop, JD shop and Weidian. Users can scan QR codes and book the upcoming live streaming. Chain stores can apply for multiple live streaming accounts that each sales representative can do his/her own live streaming. (see our previous article “When sales is becoming KOL”)

The Beast live streaming on mini program

Compared with other live streaming apps, mini program live streaming has its natural advantages. Brands can provide multiple entrance for customers to enter live streaming, including personal WeChat account, WeChat official accounts, moments and WeChat group. Customers can save coupons into WeChat wallet and brands can notify customers when the coupon is about to expire. All of these is to create a closed circle that users receive information, browse products, make decisions and purchase all in one APP.

This is another important function for managing private traffic, which WeChat developed during Coronavirus specially for retail stores. More importantly, whether the customer actually orders or not, his/her shopping behavior and path can be tracked. Brands can analyze these data for better product development and user experience.

According to figures released by Tencent, on Women’s Day, 2000 live broadcasters did live streaming for 900 hours. Each users click “like” for 280 times averagely. Some brands reached 20 million RMB sales volume in one day. For example, lifestyle brand The Beast’s live streaming views increased by 150%, total sales volume increased by 94%. Korean beauty brand Innisfree’s views and sales volume increased by 263% and 173% respectively.

What can we expect after Coronavirus? We believe that mini program can bring us more value for both online and offline. Omni-channel sales and marketing strategy will be the future trend for all online and offline business.

A smart retail mini program launched by Tencent to allow retail stores to post promotions online


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