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When sales are becoming KOL/KOC

Recently because of the Coronavirus outbreak in China, offline retail is facing serious challenges. When you can’t sell a handbag offline, what do you do?

Tory Burch sales girls start to open RED accounts and become micro KOLs. When we search Tory Burch on RED, we found several accounts that are owned by salespersons. One account is from Shenzhen airport store and has already got 2k+ followers.

The posts are mainly about special promotion, new arrivals, popular product recommendations etc. In addition, the salesperson also does live streaming to better show products to the audiences. Customers can add salesperson’s personal WeChat to place orders, which leads to private traffic.

This is actually a trend that international brands are starting to follow - push sales to become KOL. Austin Li, a top beauty KOL, was also one of the BA of Maybeline.

Many sales add customers personally on WeChat. They are the first one to communicate with customers and earn their trust. Training them to become an influencer will help brands enhance social commerce, lower KOL cost, and covert customers to private traffic.


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