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Will Coronavirus Crisis Affect China’s FMCG Consumption?

Here is an interesting article from Kantar, using data from 17 years ago (during and after SARS) to analyze whether the Coronavirus will affect China’s FMCG market.

In 2003, SARS cases was growing fast during April and May. After May, it started to drop. When we look at the figures, the FMCG consumption dropped to bottom in April and May, but quickly bounced back in July and August.

During SARS, because most people chose to cook at home instead of eating in restaurants. The catering industry suffered a heavy setback. Yet food products like biscuit, instant noodles, and soy sauce, or other categories like tissue, sanitizer and household cleaning products increased fast.

Of course Coronavirus situation is different from 17 years ago, and the China market also changed a lot (Taobao was just launched in 2003!). I believe this year, e-commerce and O2O will keep increasing, although currently logistics is still a problem due to CNY holiday and Coronavirus crisis.


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