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What L'Oreal has done on RED?

More and more international beauty brands’ official accounts have launched on RED/XiaoHongShu, today let’s take a closer look at one of the top brands - L'Oreal Paris’s brand account on RED.

L'Oreal Paris started posting in Sep. 2017. At the beginning, all the posts are very formal - just a few sentences of hard selling advertising descriptions with commercial images or videos. However, starting from Nov. Last year, they started to reuse RED users contents. Among all 77 brand posts, more than 20 posts include images or text from regular users or KOLs.

1st picture below shows a super popular post of lipsticks. It includes images and text from 4 different users and has gained 1500+ likes and 2500+ collects. The brand account tags these users and copies the text (even it’s a little bit exaggerating and not formal at all). In the comment section, the official account also actively engages with users and replies their comments. 2nd picture shows another post promoting the same lipstick product. But with too commercial description and advertising images, it only gets a few engagements.

Remember: regular users are your best “copywriter” and “photographer”! If you don’t have enough UGC content, invite KOLs to be your content producer.


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