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Starbucks‘s biggest competitor in China —— Hey Tea

Hey Tea (喜茶), as one of the most popular tea-based drinks brand in China, is using RED as one of its major marketing channel. Since launching its brand account in June 2018, HeyTea has now got over 80k search results and over 115k followers, which is significant more than other similar brands. Let’s see what Hey Tea has done on RED.

1. Tailor-made content

Besides high-quality content and attractive photos, HeyTea also provides tailor-made content for RED users. Noticing a lot of users are discussing secret menu drinks, HeyTea’s brand account also start teaching followers how to order creatively to get secret drinks. This kind of posts always get a lot of engagements, especially the number of collect, because people would save the posts first so they can check the content later when going to HeyTea stores.

2. Personalized topics (hashtags)

HeyTea has launched many personalized topics on RED, such as “Check out HeyTea’s new items” or “HeyTea Secret Menu”etc. All HeyTea’s brand posts, KOLs posts and regular user posts would add these hashtags. Each topic now gets more than 10 million views.

If you ask me who is Starbucks‘s biggest competitor in China, my answer will be HeyTea instead of Luckin coffee.


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