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“Starbucks” in tea industry

The founder of HeyTea also said that he wants to be the “Starbucks” in tea industry. Also,Starbucks has been trying to get the tea market for years. However, Teavana doesn’t really get a lot of Chinese customers. I think there are at least some points that Starbucks can learn from HeyTea.

1. [HeyTea GO] Mini-Program

HeyTea is one of the first drinks brands launching online ordering services. HeyTea was famous for the long queue when they started. Now people can just pre-order on the mini-program and then go to the store and get the drink - don’t need to queue up anymore.

Starbucks also has an APP for ordering and gaining VIP points. I personally have been using Starbucks APP for years but honestly the user experience is not so good. And so far only part of the stores in Beijing and Shanghai support pre-ordering services.

2. Engaging with millennials

HeyTea has another mini program selling brand-related souvenirs (strategy similar to Starbucks mugs), such as phone case, mugs or even mahjong - specially designed for different cities/seasons and will only be available locally for a limited period. They are trying to make drinking HeyTea a new fashion among young people.


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