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McDonalds’s First Ever Live Streaming

McDonalds’s hosted their first ever live streaming on Bilibili on 15 Apr, which received over 1 million views.

The live streaming is to launch a new product - McCrispy Chicken. To warm up, 2 days before the live, McDonald’s published a super cool and mysterious WeChat post, saying they will launch a new “5G” product and ask followers to go to Bilibili to watch a 24-hour live streaming.

During the live streaming McDonald’s gave out 100k coupons and invited dozens of Bilibili KOLs to broadcast eating McCrispy Chicken. Even the CEO of McDonald’s China joined the live.

Recently many brands live streamed on Bilibili. McDonalds’s warm-up post was so cool that I was really looking forward to the live. But to be honest, I was a bit disappointed in the end.

The idea was interesting. And they did try to localize and worked with many Bilibili food bloggers . But I guess McDonald’s didn’t really find the right KOL because Bilibili users ask in comments “Who is this blogger? I have never heard of him before” And the KOLs’ performance was not so attractive. It’s hard for audiences to resonate.

Although it’s not perfect, it’s still a good try. And I’m sure this will inspire more F&B brands in the future.


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