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Interesting take-aways from Quest Mobile's latest report

Quest Mobile just released a mini program report for the first half of 2019. Here are some interesting take-aways:

1️⃣ More and more Internet giants are exploring mini programs. Within one year, the number of platforms with mini program has increased from 2 to 8. Each one has its own specialty. The average time user spending on Wechat mini program has also increased by 23.3% - from 51 mins to 63 mins per month.

2️⃣ The No. 1 Wechat mini program is targeting elderly users. Xiaoniangao (小年糕) is a video mini program targeting elderly users. It has 211 million MAU, ranking No. 1 in terms of MAU, has 67% of users age above 30 and 24% of users age above 40.

3️⃣ Top 5 mobile shopping mini programs are JD, Pinduoduo,, Kuaishou shop, and RED. (all invested by Tencent)

4️⃣ Different users have different preference towards mini programs. Male user like to use service-type mini programs like mobile payment for parking. Yet female users prefer to user mobile shopping and tools mini programs.

In terms of different age group, gen Z focuses more on games, food & shopping like Meituan food delivery and Ctrip mini programs; while elderly generation like to use tools and videos mini program.


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