Hey,Do you know “HEY”?

On Mar. 2019, RED/XiaoHongShu launched a new function called “Hey (打卡)”. It’s similar to Instagram Story. Users can upload short videos recording their daily life through “Hey”. RED provides a lot of funny templates and you can add your own stickers or emoji.

To push this function, RED creates several interesting scenarios for example: Breakfast 打卡, Shop visit 打卡, Selfie 打卡 etc.

When you search related keywords on RED (for example “breakfast”), you’ll see a “打卡” button on top, encouraging people to record their daily breakfast. When you click in, you’ll see other people’s videos related to breakfast. Looking at this function as a brand owner, for example, a cereal brand can work with KOLs by sharing their breakfast and post on HEY - More options for your KOL campaign.

However, one problem of “Hey” function is that now it’s only available on iPhone. So Android users can’t use, or even see this function.