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CBBC and Westwin joint event in Shanghai

Last week (22nd August), our founder Miro Li attended CBBC and Westwin joint event in Shanghai.

CBBC (The China-Britain Business Council) is an organization that helps British and Chinese businesses and organizations work together in China, the UK and third markets around the world.

Westwin is a digital marketing agency which specializes in providing digital marketing strategies and solutions for overseas clients.

The topic of the event is: How to best leverage your e-commerce marketing campaign. This event aimed at providing a platform for foreign brands knowing how to enter China Market. In that event, Miro Li gave a speech about E-commerce. The speech generally divided into 3 parts:

1. How to start from 0 to 1?

2. Why is content management so important on XHS?

3. XHS's latest rules and important changes


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