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Bilibili - One of the Most Popular Video Sharing Platform among Chinese Gen Z

As one of a few companies jointly invested by Alibaba and Tencent, Bilibili is a video sharing platform founded in 2009 with mainly animation, comic and games (ACG) content, which is especially popular among Generation Z (post-95s & post-00s). 77% of the users are under age 30, 43% are under 24. As of Q1 2019, it has reached more than 88 million monthly active user. Bilibili users averagely spend 81 minutes every day on the platform, which makes it a highly engaged and sticky community.

Bilibili Vs. Youtube

In some ways we can see it as Chinese Youtube. But the biggest difference between the two is that on Bilibili the audiences can send text messages that will fly across the screen like bullets, which we call it bullet screen (“弹幕” in Chinese). Every day more than 1.4 billion messages are sent by users in total. This is also the most outstanding and attractive function of Bilibili platform. Some users even think the bullet screen is more interesting than the video itself.

Through bullet screen, the audience sees other users’ comments on the brand, which is where brands should pay more attention besides the video itself.

Why long video when short video is trending?

Although short video platforms like Douyin is becoming more and more popular, Bilibili is still attracting a certain group of audiences. For example, on Bilibili platform, you can watch the latest and the most detailed make-up vlogs posted by make-up bloggers, such as PONY (a well-known make-up blogger from South Korea) and 小猪姐姐 (a famous Chinese make-up blogger). As there is no limitation on the video length (Weibo is limited by 15 mins and XiaoHongShu is limited by 60 seconds), the content on Bilibili platform can be much more detailed.

Short videos are mostly for fun. Long videos are more informative and detailed. This is also the reason why the audiences still like to watch long videos, especially when they are looking for specific information about a brand / product.

Explore more Benefits: Cooperation with Taobao

Bilibili announced a cooperation with Taobao at the end of 2018. Product links now can be added to the KOL’s live streaming, allowing the audiences to purchase directly. This cooperation surely benefits both parties - quality content can be monetized.


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