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VOLVO's Pop-up Store on RED

To promote the new model XC40 during 520 (May 20, which sounds like "I love you" in mandarin), VOLVO opened an online pop-up store on RED, which will only last for 5 days. And there is only one product in the store - a e-coupon for one test-drive, which sells at RMB 9.9.

VOLVO also set up a brand official account to launch the campaign, encouraging RED users to post content with a customized hashtag about this new model to win a free gift. Working with a dozen fashion bloggers, VOLVO also invites them to come to the Auto Show, reposts some of KOL's content through brand account.

We all know beauty and fashion are the most popular categories on RED. Turns out automobile brands can also use RED as a marketing platform. I think VOLVE's case is a good example.


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