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A super popular Chinese KOL famous for traditional Chinese lifestyle

Have you heard of Li Ziqi (李子柒), a super popular Chinese KOL who is not only famous on Weibo and Douyin, but also on Youtube?

Li Ziqi is famous for her traditional Chinese lifestyle. She lives in a small village. In her vlog, she usually shares the detailed cooking process of traditional Chinese food. Unlike other food KOLs, she even shows the whole process from the field to the table. For example, in a video about spicy tofu, she starts with harvesting the soy beans, grinding them into powder and making the powder into tofu, then to cook it.

She now has 21 million followers on Weibo and 32 million on Douyin. Funny thing is, she even owns a Youtube channel and has 7 million subscribers.

One of her famous vlogs is “Swing sofa” (秋千沙发床), which was first uploaded to Weibo in 2017, now has reached 110 views and 445k likes. In the 5-min video, she handmade everything starting from chopping wood. There are no lines. The video purely recorded the whole process.

Li Ziqi also owns a Small flagship store selling the products that she made in her videos. The shop now has 2.9 million followers.


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