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A new new-retail model for luxury brands - Pop-up store

Pop-up store - A new new-retail model that many luxury brands are implementing after COVID!

High renting cost has become a burden for many luxury brands during COVID-19. More and more brands are looking for new ways to engage with offline customers but with lower cost. Pop-up store is becoming a new trend - a low-cost, short-term, and easy-to-build store model. Below is a list luxury pop-up stores in China after COVID-19 (from Vogue Business).

Traditionally, pop-up store aims for testing the market. In China post-COVID19 era, pop-up stores are much more creative and breaking tradition. For example, Fendi opened pop-up cafes in Beijing SKP and Chengdu IFS shopping malls in July where soon become a place for the coolest people to check out.

CHINAble Academy team also went to visit one of the pop-up stores on the list - Burberry 空·间 in Shenzhen. Burberry worked with Tencent to integrate AR technology with the retail store, giving customers a brand new shopping experiences.

Check out the vlog here:


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