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Judydoll - A Chinese cosmetics brand only second to PERFECT DIARY

As one of the most popular Chinese cosmetics brands, Judydoll (橘朵) launched on RED on 27th June 2018. With only 1 year, it has reached more than 50k search results. The brand account now has 241k followers (only second to PERFECT DIARY’s 1.6 million).

1. KOL Strategy

Judydoll’s pyramid-shape strategy covers celebrities, all different tiers of KOLs, and regular users - only a few top KOL / celebrities plus a large group of small / micro KOL and regular users.

2. Brand Account Strategy

At least half of Judydoll brand posts reuse content from KOLs or regular users. Within 1 year, it posted 302 posts - almost 1 post per day. Among all posts, there are 35 video posts, which are especially popular if the content is about testing lipstick / eye shadow color or make up tips.

3. Localization Strategy

When international brands are still considering whether to localize for China market, Chinese brands are already “localizing” for different platforms. Judydoll works with a large amount of local RED KOLs that customers follow closely, instead of working with the same celebrity on all social platforms.


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