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CASES | OPPO, Florasis, LA ROCHE-POSAY, McDonal's and more

Double V. Consulting handpicks and analyzes 3-5 interesting Chinese marketing campaigns in this monthly series. We mainly cover consumer goods categories, including beauty, fashion, and food brands etc. Every month, we highlight brand campaigns distributed on Chinese digital platforms — WeChat, Weibo, Xiaohongshu, Tmall, Douyin, and beyond.

This February, we noticed few extraordinary marketing cases in China that maybe will inspire you.

Top Choice of Brand Ambassadors

In China, it is indispensable for brands to seek celebrity endorsements, but finding a suitable brand spokesperson is not an easy task. In order to seek quick traffic, many brands just simply select idols as endorsements. But in this month's endorsement cases, we are very happy to see some who abandon "idol" endorsements, who are seeking resonance with their brand and temperament.

Jiang Wen, as a famous director in China, is very convincing to endorse a mobile phone that focuses on photography. Tenger, a singer with personal characteristics from Inner Mongolia, endorses a McDonald's burger that is attractive with spicy flavors. The wildness and roughness is very consistent. Li Ronghao, who's songs are love songs and have the power of "healing". Although he is not an idol, the effect of this kind of healing is very consistent with the product of La Roche-Posay, which well emphasizes the skin repairing function of the product.

Campaign 1: OPPO × Jiang Wen

OPPO invited Jiang Wen (姜文) to shoot the TVC with its latest mobile phone model Find X5, and go out to sea to shoot a sunrise. With Jiang Wen's narration, OPPO's new mobile phone is demonstrated well. Consumers intuitively feel the extraordinary performance of products. Jiang Wen is a famous Chinese film director who won in Cannes Film Festival and Berlin International Film Festival.

Click HERE for full TVC

Campaign 2: McDonald's × Tenger

McDonald's invited Tenger (腾格尔) to sing the commercial songs with his wild Mongolian vocals. The viral 「spicy spicy spicy」 lyrics show the characteristic taste of the spicy chicken burger and Tenger's special liking for it. He is Mongol ethnicity and has an identical rusty voice.

Click HERE for full TVC

Campaign 3: LA ROCHE-POSAY × Li Ronghao

Together with Li Ronghao (李荣浩), the brand wants consumers to use music to heal their souls and feel the repairing energy of La Roche-Posay products. Li has 23 million Weibo followers and his love songs are widely listened by Chinese.

Top Collaborations

How to expand your the consumer groups in China? Understanding their lifestyle and interest groups is the key!

For Girlcult’s consumers, who are a group of consumers who are probably tattooed and not afraid of being different.The most trendy club in town, and the party theme is my favorite TV lately? Yes I’m in. A product bundle that perfectly describes my life routine and all the brands looks ? Yes I’m in too.

Campaign 1: Girlcult's Euphoria Theme Party

Chinese makeup brand Girlcult teamed up with Shanghai's latest trendy bar, Funpot, to host a theme party inspired by the recent hit American drama Euphoria Season 2. Girlcult has always been committed to exploring the niche cultural context hidden behind the aesthetics.

Campaign 2: The Morning C+Night A Bundles

Proya, a domestic skincare brand collaborated with Seesaw Coffee and a wine brand Meijian to launch limited product sets. The theme of this set is named with 「C for morning A for the night 」(早C晚A). It was originally a term used by Chinese consumers to describe a skincare routine, which is to use retinol at night and to use Vitamin-C in the morning. This concept gradually evolved as 「Coffee in the morning and Alcohol at night 」, teased by many consumers.

Top Slogans of Women's Day

Many brands started to campaign for Women's Day in March. We saw many brilliant slogans that emphasize women power and self-growth. Feminism in China is a trendy (also sensitive) topics. In a report co-written with Daxue Consulting, we analyzed how a Chinese lingerie brand NEIWAI successfully outstood itself with feminism campaign.

Click Here to read full report

In the early days of China, the theme of Women's Day marketing was to praise motherhood and encourage women to become delicate and beautiful. As Chinese feminism has intensified in recent years, Chinese female consumers have been pursuing more self-expression and self-realization. They are embracing and welcoming brands with female power.

How do we reach balance

「我们如何抵达平衡」By China makeup brand Florasis

Click HERE for full film

Being myself is tasteful enough

「做自己,才够味」By China diary brand Yili

Click HERE for full film

Because I'm worth it

「我说我值得」by L'Oréal Paris

Girls, escape from the sugar temptation

「女孩,逃出你的糖区」By Cocochi Cosme


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