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SOCIAL MEDIA | Connect With Chinese Gen Z on Bilibili



  • Bilibili is often described as a combination of YouTube and Netflix, as it offers a wide range of user-generated content like YouTube, as well as professionally produced content like anime, dramas, and movies, similar to Netflix.

  •  Bilibili is especially popular in China among Gen Z for its diverse content offerings and interactive features.

  • Bilibili has a significant user base primarily consisting of Gen Z users, with a balanced gender ratio. It’s popular among urban populations with longer DAOT than Youtube.



01 Technology

  • Bilibili is known for its tech-savvy user base, who actively engage with content covering latest gadgets, software tutorials, coding, tech reviews, and discussions on emerging technologies like AI, blockchain, and virtual reality.

02 Game

  • Users share gameplay videos, reviews, walkthroughs, tutorials, and esports coverage. The platform also hosts live streaming of gaming events, tournaments, and showcases content from both professional gamers and enthusiasts.

03 E-commerce

  • Bilibili integrates e-commerce into its platform, allowing users to discover, discuss, and purchase products (via external links) within the platform. Content creators often promote and review products, leveraging Bilibili's influence for commercialization. Livestreaming e-commerce events, product unboxings, and shopping hauls are popular formats on the platform.


  • Bilibili's platform serves as a channel for FMCG brands to connect with consumers and promote their products in creative and engaging ways. Users engage with content creators who share their experiences and recommendations regarding beauty products, snacks, fashion items, and other consumer goods.

05 Automobile

  • Bilibili attracts a large fan base interested in automobile content, including car reviews, modifications, racing, and industry news. Users can find videos covering various aspects of the automobile world, from in-depth analyses of new car models to DIY repair tutorials.


Who & Why ?

  • Fewer brand accounts on Bilibili compared to other platforms. Early presence attracts attention.

  •  Bilibili boasts a vast user base, particularly Gen-Z audiences keen on ACG, games, cars, and tech.

  •  Bilibili's bullet-chat enables direct interaction between users and brands, fostering closer connections.

  •  Social-oriented products thrive in spread on Bilibili.

How to Play ?

1. Establish a Distinct Persona

  • Avoid reposting content from other platforms. Instead, create a unique brand image that connects with Gen-Z.

2. Blend with Bilibili's Unique Content Types

  • Contents matching Bilibili’s special categories can amplify the visibility of brand account contents.

3. Collaborate and Engage with Other Brands

  • Partner with other brands for joint activities to reach their fanbase.

  •  Interact with other brands in the comments section to boosts brand's visibility.


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