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Trending Keywords in 2020 on China Social Platforms

2020 TOP 10 popular bullet screens on Bilibili

In 2020, Bilibili users have sent 220 million bullet screens throughout the year.

Top 1: “Ye Qing Hui 爷青回” (5.4 million times)

Meaning “My youth is back”. Gen Zers say this when they see classic scenes that represents their youth. Top 2: “Wuhan fighting 武汉加油” This word is popular because of the obvious reason - the city Wuhan was hit hard during COVID. The whole country is praying for Wuhan to be strong. Top 3: “You Nei Wei Le 有内味了” This comes from the China Northeast dialect. “Nei” means “that” and the word means “this feels right”. People usually use this word to say the contents are authentic. For example, a KOL is doing a makeup which looks just like Marilyn Monroe and the bullet screen will say “You Nei Wei Le”.

Top 4: “Shuang Chu Kuang Xi 双厨狂喜” Meaning “I am a fan of both influencers and them working together makes me super excited!” Top 5: “Jin Zhi Tao Wa 禁止套娃” “Tao Wa” comes from the Russian doll (or Matryoshka doll) – a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside another. On Bilibili, this means meaningless repeating something. For example, A says “I disagree with you”, B says “I disagree that you disagree with me” ... The word “禁止套娃” means this kind of repeated conversation is forbidden.

2020 TOP 10 popular products on Taobao

TOP 01: Mask

In 2020, 7.5 billion people searched for "masks" on Taobao. Masks became the hottest key word with the highest increase in search volume on Taobao compared with last year, and it was also the product with the highest year-on-year growth in transaction volume.

TOP 02: Eggbeater

Eggbeater has been searched nearly 100 million times throughout the year.

TOP 03: Helmet

In May, helmet became the product with the highest sales growth on Taobao compared with last year.

TOP 04: Jersey

Basketball superstar Kobe's unexpected death, prompted many fans to buy "No. 24 Jersey" to cherish the memory of Kobe, Taobao's annual turnover of “Jersey” increased 6.8 times year on year.

TOP 05: JK Uniform

In the second quarter, the transaction amount of JK uniform on Taobao increased by 255% year on year.

TOP 06: Door-to-door feeding cat service

This year, the sales of "door-to-door cat feeding" service increased 220 times compared with last year.

TOP 07: Wuhan Hot Noodles with Sesame pastes

All China are fighting for Wuhan and wish Wuhan can overcome the epidemic crisis.

TOP 08: 5G Mobile Phone

In 2020 5G Mobile Phone has been searched 290 million times on Taobao.

TOP 09: Ultraman This year, Taobao search volume of “Ultraman” reached over 200 million times.

TOP 10: Blindbox

Taobao "blind box" search volume reached 300 million times.

2020 popular key words on Baidu

By the end of 2020, Baidu launched 14 lists on different categories, summarizing the popular trends in 2020 For the TOP 10 popular lifestyle key words, 9 out of 10 are related to COVID-19. Face mask, Live streaming and Work from home are TOP 03 popular lifestyle. Besides, COVID-19, Epidemic, National mourning occupied NO.01 of different lists. COVID-19 influenced 2020, not only China market, but also Chinese consumer behaviors. During Chinese festivals 77 million users are using online video platforms, the number of live streaming audiences is reaching 526 million, and the searching volume of face masks increased by 2146%.


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