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RED TRENDS | Strengthening Control of Contents

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• RED is a popular social media and e-commerce platform in China. The ‘Chinese Instagram’ that prioritizes content over influencers.

• With rapidly increasing number of daily posts and brand accounts, it has become an important platform for brands and influencers to connect with consumers and promote their products.

• Every post on RED is audited automatically by the filter system before the post can be seen by other users, in order to maintain the authentic community.

• Branded contents, especially advertised contents, are audited by more strict rules that update constantly to control the content quality.


• Brands like Dove, Neutrogena, Nivea and Estee Lauder’s contents were blocked by the platform for ‘false marketing’, claiming medical efficacies, or efficacies they could not prove, according to the new advertising law in China.

BRAND CASE Estee Lauder

• Suggestions of ‘Advanced Night Repair’ product to be covered by the Medical Insurance Program in Estee Lauder’s influencer posts.

• The controversial contents were reported by users immediately, then blocked & taken down by the platform.

Why Are They Blocked?

× ‘False marketing’ for implying medical efficacy.

× Inappropriate suggestion for premium skin-care product in Medical Insurance Program.

× Illegal to market products from factory / lab not registered with CFDA.

Click here to download the full report FOR FREE!


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