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A trending beauty concept in 2021 in China - Microbiome skincare.

Gallinée - A French probiotics & prebiotics skincare brand
Gallinée - A French probiotics & prebiotics skincare brand

If you search Microbiome Skincare on RED / Xiaohongshu, you will find 6300+ related posts and 100+ related products.

Skin’s microbiome is like a group of natural bacteria. It helps protect the skin from damage, and restore and maintain the skin’s health. It’s usually related to probiotics or prebiotics when it comes to skincare products.

International beauty groups have been researching this concept for years. The most well-known products in China are Lancôme’s Genifique serum (“Little black bottle 小黑瓶”). #EsteeLauder’s Night Repair serum (“Little brown bottle 小棕瓶”), and SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essense (“Magic water 神仙水”).

Other niche and emerging brands:

  • Dr. Alva - Chinese microbiome skincare brand launched in 2018, under leading manufacturer Freda Group

  • Yakult - Japanese lactobacillus skincare brand under Yakult group, launched in China last year

  • Gallinée - French probiotics skincare brand, launched in China earlier this year

  • Aurelia Probiotic Skincare - British probiotics skincare brand launched in China in 2019

  • XDG - Chinese lactobacillus skincare brand launched in 2018

  • TULA Skincare - American probiotics skincare brand

Do you think microbiome skincare will become the next big thing in China?

Dr. Alva's probiotics toner + lotion set
Dr. Alva's probiotics toner + lotion set


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