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Perfect Diary x Austin Li's pet dog

As many of you know, Austin is a top beauty KOL in China and has been working with many international brands including Chanel, Guerlain, L’Oreal etc. This is not the first time he works with the No. 1 Chinese cosmetics brand Perfect Diary.

Perfect Diary has a collection of eyeshadow palette inspired by animals. Each palette represents an animal, such as panda, pig, tiger etc. Last month 2 new shades were newly launched for dog and cat. The dog one is in collaboration with Austin.

Austin has a pet dog named “Never” that always appears in his live streaming. The fans start to call Never a female celebrity, and even create a special topic for Never on Weibo.

Austin personally designed the dog palette. Each shade represents different characters of dogs. What makes this campaign more special is that for each piece sold, Perfect Diary will donate 1 RMB to animal protection organization. Austin also said that he will donate all of Never’s advertising fee.

The dog palette was on pre-sale in Austin’s live streaming on Feb 25. And 160k pieces were sold out in 10 seconds.


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