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How do luxury brands reach young customers?

Recently Louis Vuitton released a “LV x LOL” capsule collection with Riot Games' "League of Legends".The collection has about 40 products, ranging from 170 USD to over 5000 USD.

The cooperation started in September last year, when LV helped design skins for virtual players for LOL. Players could purchase the outfits for their characters for around $10. Riot Games said this is the "first-ever collaboration between a global eSport and a luxury fashion house."

According to Bain’s research, post-80s and 90s account for 43% and 28% of all luxury consumers. In China, the number is 56% and 23%. Nelson’s 2019 eSports report shows that more than 50% of LOL players are aged between 18 to 34. China’s eSport market value is expected to reach 13.8 billion RMB with a 63% growth, according to Tencent.

M.A.C once collaborated with King of Glory and launched limited edition of lipsticks. The products were sold out in one hour and the resell price was more than twice of the original price. This kind of cross over branding will definitely create noise on social media and help brands reach more young customers.


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