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Xiaohongshu is testing some important functions for brands and offline shops

RED Brand Account is recently upgraded to Enterprise Account (see more details here) and will include several new functions.

1. Live streaming

Enterprise accounts can have live streaming inside RED and link to RED shop. Product links can be shown at the bottom. The audiences can purchase during live streaming with one click. (see more analysis from previous article)

2. Mini program

Enterprise accounts can add a special link of mini program on home page. The mini program can have several functions like e-commerce, hotel booking etc.

This function has two types of mini programs: one is that you are the owner of the mini program, and you can link it to your own enterprise account. The other is that you don’t own the mini program but you can still link to it, for example you have a hotel and you can link to a hotel booking mini program. This is similar to WeChat mini programs.

For example, both Ctrip and Meituan B&B have linked their own mini programs to the enterprise accounts. Users can book hotel or buy air tickets through the mini program and no need to open another APP, which allows RED to provide more options to users but still maintain a closed circle.

Till now RED has not yet suggested any limitation to the service providers, but most of the mini programs are provided by Baidu.

3. Lucky draw system

RED is testing an automatic lucky draw system that is similar to Weibo’s. The enterprise account can set game period and certain requirements for users to participate in the lucky draw game, such as follow, like & comment etc. Then system will select the winner automatically.

4. Open to more categories, including offline shops & service providers

More and more brands from different categories are joining RED and get an enterprise account, including shopping malls, barber shop, education & training institutions, and wedding service providers.

For example, barber shop can have a tailor-made landing page which links to an online booking form that users can book a program immediately. Similar functions are also used by wedding and education industries.


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