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Podcast | How & why China's F&B industry is transforming

Looking at the China's food and beverage industry, health is definitely one of the hottest terms.

You may be wondering...

What do Chinese consumers consider healthy?

How to market the healthy contents in China?

What's the forecast of healthy foods industry in China?

Daxue Consulting invited our founder Miro Li to deliver her observations of the China's F&B industry and how the health concepts is transforming it. Find out the answers and more fascinating cases from this 20 minutes podcast.

Market Tidbits

Produced by: Daxue Consulting

Guest: Miro Li

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Highlight 1

Gen Z is the major force of the health consumptions

The plant-based meat campaign in China

Punk wellness (朋克养生) is the term that you must have heard about before, which describe the young people maintain their wellness without quitting their daily health-damaged habits.

Driven by the anxiety over health, they are also the consumption group that most open to fresh concepts over healthy.

Highlight 2

The Chinese Concept of Superfood 妆食同源

From hyaluronic acid drinking water to probiotic yogurt, cosmetic ingredients are going into food. The boundaries between supplements, food and cosmetics products are getting blurry.

Highlight 3

Less Misleading Advertisements

0 Fat, 0 Cal, 0 Sugar advertisements

Consumers are starting to notice the real components, not just the marketing terms.

Taobao No.1 selling wholegrain bread brand TianYuanZhuYi (田园主义) and the emerging China beverage brand Genki Forest (元气森林) are both the top brands of marketing the "healthy" concept, meanwhile, they are also both accused of false advertising on the product components.

As the new advertisement law is reinforced more strictly, and the consumers are better educated, brands should be very careful in their claims.


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