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2020 Highlight Moments for Double V

2020 is a special year for everyone. COVID-19 influenced China market and changed Chinese consumer behaviors a lot. Although it’s been a hard time, it still provided plenty of opportunities for both brands and Double V consulting.

During the epidemic crisis, we changed our marketing strategy by speeding up brands’ digitalization. We also launched CHINAble Academy, an online resource sharing platform helping brands understand what’s going on in China market. Even though some campaigns are postponed, we still hope to provide value to our clients and keep you up with the fast-changing market.

WeChat Articles we designed for our clients

During the 2nd half of this year, when China was gradually going back to normal, we expanded from online to offline and launched a series of offline KOL campaigns for retail stores, restaurants and gyms, to help them back to business as soon as possible.

Pictures of KOL campaigns

Our Achievements

This year we have worked with and consulted for over 50 brands, coming from the US, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Russia, Philippines, Singapore, HongKong and Macau etc. We mainly cover consumer goods like beauty, fashion and health supplements, but also expand to shopping malls, restaurants, retail stores and gaming!

In 2020, we have launched over 80 campaigns and collaborated with over 1000 KOLs and KOCs covering all major social platforms. We grow with niche social platforms Xiaohongshu and Bilibili, helping our clients find the best opportunities in China.

In terms of CHINAble Academy, we have published 17 courses and articles. Our online webinar series “CHINA SPEED” (link), featuring guests from Tmall, brand founders, KOLs and distributors, has received some fantastic feedbacks.

As for me, I am super grateful and excited to be able to share my experience and insights with JingDaily, Mastercard, Citibank, and Amcham Shanghai. I also joined podcast hosted by Daxue Consulting and China Business Cast, covering topics such as Gen Z marketing, private traffic, live streaming, social commerce etc. Feel free to check them out and welcome to share your insights with me!

2020 is a challenging but fruitful year for Double V Consulting. I am so proud of my team for trying their best to create extraordinary works for our clients. I am also honored to work with so many amazing brands!

In the coming year, we will work on more great projects and campaigns, while in the meantime, we will keep sharing more insights and updates about China market and social platforms, just like our slogan “We are your insider into China market”. Stay tuned and feel free to contact us anytime on new projects!


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