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Bilibili also produces entertainment show?

Recently Bilibili co-produced a new reality show named “Special Intern (花样实习生)” with Shanghai TV.

The reality show is about 3 post-50 and post-60 senior artists (2 actors and 1 sports commentator) who have no office working experience interning at Bilibili headquarter in Shanghai and helping organize the biggest offline event Bilibili World with Gen Z co-workers.

This is not the first time that Bilibili produced its own entertainment shows. In 2016, Bilibili launched its first talk show “Story Man (故事王)”.

The Special Intern show records the difference and conflict between silver generation and Gen Z at work. It’s like an echo of the famous video “Next Wave (后浪)” - positioning itself as a Gen Z platform and trying to break the age boundary and expand its influence to more generations. The series has released 3 episodes so far and received nearly 10 million views and 110k bullet screens.

Check out the show here:


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