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NEW RULES about RED KOLs & Brand Official accounts

❗️Breaking News❗️ New rules about RED/XiaoHongShu KOLs & Brand official accounts released today.

1️⃣ RED users with over 5k followers and 10k monthly exposure can apply to be the certified KOL / influencer. Those who are already certified but doesn't meet the requirements will be disqualified. Up until now the No. of qualified influencers are reduced by 70%!

2️⃣ Certified influencers will have to take orders through RED influencer platform. When they publish a commercial post, they will have to register at the back-end and indicate the brand name. (similar to Douyin's influencer platform Star Map)

3️⃣ The verification system for brand official accounts is upgraded. RED will appoint a 3rd party company to review the application and there will be a verification fee of RMB 300. More documents will be required for special categories, including supplements.

As the platform policy is being tightened, we can predict that it will be harder to get a verified brand accounts. Also, the price for KOL marketing will be much much higher. Let's wait and see what will happen in the next 2 months.


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