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Let's talk about the Keyword Attribution on XiaoHongShu...

Getting attention from online users is no walk in the park. People won’t just wonder and stumble upon your brand or products, there is far more competition online than you actually think there is. The initial way people find your brand or products on Xiaohongshu is simply by searching the product in the search bar. If you don’t have the correct keywords, users won’t find you. It’s that simple. Using the right keywords is extremely important on Xiaohongshu and here are some tips on how you can use these them.


For brands selling skincare products, they may have a deep understanding about their products and know it’s exact purpose for example anti-ageing, whitening, moisturizing and so on. However, when brands go on to sell these products, they mostly only use the keywords they think is related to the function. As we can see moisturizing is the most concerned factor for Chinese consumers. Brands can use this information to create their advantage, for example if a product’s main function is anti-ageing but it also has moisturizing benefits, the keyword “moisturizing” can also be used while promoting the product. Brands need to look at the demands of the market.

Another example is a product’s key function has medical purposes for problem skin, but it can also be used on normal skin then brands can utilize all the keywords to successfully make their product known to the whole market.


As we all know the overall market for cosmetics is extensively large. Chinese customers like testing and using products which other people use. For example if a popular celebrity used a particular colour of lipsticks, brands can connect their product/brand to a this celebrity by showing they sell a similar colour. Therefore, even if brands are not selling international products, they can still use these keywords to make their product known. 


As we can see bags outweigh both clothes and shoes, and so one small technique brands can use if they are selling shoes and accessories is to put the keyword of “Looks/Outfit” (穿搭) as it is essentially contributing to the outfit. Brands need to be aware and take advantage of all the keywords possible.


Lastly Masks are one of the most selling categories on Xiaohongshu and is mentioned in a whooping 1.21M posts. The top most searched masks are “hydrating” masks with 440k posts followed by “moisturizing” with 360k posts and “whitening” masks with 240k posts. You may notice

that the trend amongst Chinese consumers is regarding moisturizing, hydrating and whitening, this is what the market demands and so brands must use this information and put it to use. If applicable the brands should put it to use.

Keywords are integral to the success of a brand on Xiaohongshu and learning how to can significantly increase your business whether or not you have a shop on Xiaohongshu by using keywords properly.


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