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INSIGHTS | Double 11 Begins, Austin Sold 10 Billion in 1 Night

2021 Double 11 shopping carnival officially started since yesterday. Taobao's server crashed because of the influx of users. The GMV of top live streamer Austin Li and Viya are up to 19 billion RMB within just 1 night.

Double 11

Double 11 means the date 11th of September, was unofficially celebrated as the Single's Day (the number 1 means single in Chinese culture). Taobao, the biggest e-commerce platform in China, converted the day into an excuse of shopping and offer big discount since 2009. By 2021, this shopping carnival will be successfully held for 13 times. Followed by other major e-commerce platforms, now double-11 is literally the Cyber Monday for Chinese consumers.

Click here to see the full Tmall TVC


The GMV of this shopping carnival on Taobao is continuously growing every year, regardless of COVID-19 or the crossfire from Pinduoduo and Douyin. Last year it almost approached 500 billion RMB. We are looking forward to see how it will be this year!


The discount is higher than last year. The discount order requirement lower to ¥200 from ¥300, and the discount rate raise to 2%. You can use this coupon across different stores on Taobao.

  • 2021: Order above ¥200 get ¥30 off

  • 2020: Order above ¥300 get ¥40 off

Shopping Timetable

Starting from the 20th, this carnival on Taobao will be lasting for over 3 weeks, separated into 2 phases. We have highlight some of the important days for you to follow-up with.

Key Categories

For Tmall Global (the cross-boarder e-commerce sector of Tmall), key categories are clinical cosmetics, niche perfumes, designer toys, pets wellness, second-hand luxury etc more than 40 categories. Tmall expected them to have a high growth rate. There will be around 300 million consumers who order from Tmall Global in this 2021 Double 11.

Splash Ad in Weibo are all about Double 11, Tmall

Live Streaming

This the vital part that you can no miss. Top live streamer Austin Li and Viya started their double-11 streaming since 20th. The GMV of them within 1 night was up to 18 billion! It's just the beginning of the festival.

What's interesting is that an online shared spreadsheet gone viral those days. It is officially published by Austin Li. Included every details that consumers may need. It is so clear and useful.

The Marketing

Taobao has introduced many policies to support this year's shopping festival. Here we listed out 2 interesting cases.

  • Fliggy Wonderful Journey Show

Fliggy (飞猪) is a travel platform belonging to Taobao. This year, Taobao put a lot effort to boost the traveling business by hosting a show exclusive for Fliggy. This big show will be on TONIGHT! According to the produce team. This show will be a mix of Chinese Guochao (国潮) and western fantasy. Seem from the poster, Game of Throne and Harry Potter are involved.

  • "Sharing your shopping list"

It is just the beginning of 2021 shopping carnivals. Which categories will be the fastest growing? Which brand will standout this year? We are so curious!

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