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How to structure your XiaoHongShu posts. Tactics to boost your brand posts.

XiaoHongShu is an application that thrives on user-generated content (UGC). Consumers post reviews and share their opinions on products, both the good and the bad. So simply posting product promotions will not work and may even lead to your account blocked (definitely not a good idea).

It is important not to forget the core purpose of XHS and why users continue to use the app, XHS encourages an environment for consumers to review and share their opinions on products, both positive and negative. XHS is highly protective of this environment, wanting users to continue to trust the platform above all else. Hence, the integration of traditional advertisements breaks trust between users and the application. This begs the question:

How can brands market on XHS without posting traditional advertising content?

Content with a purpose

Users will want to engage with your content, if they can learn or gain from it. Think of your XHS posts more as an infomercial than an advertisement. This post, while promoting your products, is simultaneously educational. Engaging your consumers with daily life related content, will be received far better than hard-selling your content directly. Here is an example of a KOL advising her followers, how to use dry shampoo, while still showing a product.

Friendly tone of voice

Secondly, the tone you adopt while writing your content. Aim to write as though you are a friend of the user, recommending and reviewing the product. 70% of the user base are millennials so incorporating informal/conversational language can help appeal more to the XHS general demographic. Adopting a ‘friendship’ with your readers is a crucial aspect to building trust between brands and consumers on XHS.

Frequent use of emojis

Adding to a friendly tone of voice, incorporating emojis into your posts is practically essential when posting on XHS. The perception of emoticons globally is very different than in China, where emojis have become a necessity for online communication. Incorporating them into to your posts will feel more authentic and match the style of other posts on the platform, making your posts more familiar rather than foreign. Incorporating emojis makes posts more visual and aesthetically appealing, on XHS, users enjoy using emojis and it matches with the XHS application style.

Here are some examples of posts that use emojis effectively:

Additionally, XHS has its own selection of custom emojis to choose from, it is recommended that you incorporate some of them into as many posts as possible.

The "text overlay"

" These unique tags can act as the hook to engage users into reading your full post. "

Images can make or break your posts. XHS users enjoy visual content, posting images incorporating graphics and text overlay makes posts more appealing for users. XHS has a unique feature for images, where by additional information can be added on top of the images. Utilising this feature can allow you to incorporate more content and information into your posts. The XHS style tags make it easier for users to understand within seconds, making users more likely to read the rest of your posts.

Additionally, you don't have to post one photo in a frame, creating collages or unique graphics is another technique for making your images stand out. Here is an example of a more creative post layout:

XHS is a unique social media platform, brands wanting to be part of the app will need to shift their perspective accordingly. Do not view your posts as advertisements, but start viewing XHS as a platform to build a deeper relationship with consumers. Changing the purpose behind your posts will improve the quality and authenticity of your content and allow you to communicate effectively with your millennial customers.


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