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Colourpop Cosmetics: How to successfully launch on XiaoHongShu

American cosmetics brand Colourpop officially launched on RED shop today. It first got popular on RED about a year ago. Now Colourpop has become one of the hottest cosmetics brand with more than 60k posts. It offers you a wide variety of choice including eye shadow, lipsticks and face powders etc. with an affordable price (price range US$5-20), making it super popular among millennials generation.

Colourpop china ecommerce markeitng wechat weibo RED Xiaohongshu

Before, Chinese customers can only order on the their American website and parcels will be shipped from the U.S. directly to China. However, the website is in English and customers have to use Paypal or credit card for payment, which makes it difficult for Chinese customers to purchase. Also sometimes the parcels get stopped at the custom and customers have to pay extra tax.

Colourpop china ecommerce markeitng wechat weibo RED Xiaohongshu

But since today, these problems will all be solved. There will be no more payment issues because Chinese customers can easily pay with WeChat pay or Alipay. Parcels will be shipped with REDelivery (logistics service provided by RED) so customers know how much tax they need to pay when they place the order and won’t have to worry about parcels being stopped by the custom.

Colourpop china ecommerce markeitng wechat weibo RED Xiaohongshu

The platform even makes a flame topic and the first home page banner for the shop opening. A special event page is also created listing out the best sellers.

Colourpop can be seen as one of the most successful cases on RED.

  • A small foreign brand suddenly becomes popular on RED (and only on this platform)

  • Demand is big but customers don’t know where to buy

  • The brand launches the first online shop on RED

  • RED provides resources and traffic to the brand

  • Huge demand is fulfilled. The social media users become consumers and stay within the platform.

Colourpop china ecommerce markeitng wechat weibo RED Xiaohongshu

What can brands learn from this?

  • Is RED a right platform for you? Who is your target customer? Colourpop targets at young female customers, which is a perfect match with RED.

  • Search your brand and product keywords on RED and listen to your customers. How big is the demand? What are people discussing? What do they like/dislike your product? What problems do they have before/during/after they buy your products?

  • Search your competitors’ product keywords and see what they are doing. Study and understand your competitors’ marketing strategy is a must before you design your own strategy.

  • Grow your brand awareness before you launch the shop. Set up a brand account or work with KOLs. If you are already popular enough, it will be much easier to open the shop, ask for resources and maybe the platform will come reach you.

If you're interested in learning more, we'd love to hear from you! Contact us: here.


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