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China online beauty consumers and future trends

CBNData recently released an interesting report on China online beauty consumers, including analysis on different generation of consumers and future trends.

According to the report, post-95s has become the main force with fastest growth. They are more used to online shopping and like to spend more on cosmetics. While post-90s prefer skin care. Another trend is domestic brands are booming, especially among post-95s, who spend a lot on cosmetics like lipstick, powder and highlighter etc.

What’s more interesting is that post-95s are more willing to spend on mini-size products, such as mini-size lipsticks and pocket-size perfume, not only because it’s easy to carry, but also because they can try new product with lower cost. However post-80s and 85s are relatively more cautious and prefer regular-size products.

In terms of body care, post-90s and 95s are paying more attention to specific functions, such as exfoliating, whitening and anti-acne. While post-80s and 85s focus more on basic functions such as moisturizing and firming etc.

Beauty instruments are also one of the fastest growing categories. Surprisingly, the percentage of male consumers has significantly increased this year. Currently post-90s and 85s are the main force but post-95s are growing fast.


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