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China Marketing Lab I,II&III with Westwin and / Tmall Global

With the fast-changing China digital landscape, how can you quickly understand what Chinese consumers want and utilize different approaches to engage with them?

Workshop 1 - 26th July 2018

We were invited, with Westin, to share their extensive knowledge on XiaoHongShu (小红书) & China search engine marketing. We shared our insights on the following:

  • Baidu SEM/SEO tips to generate leads & conversion

  • Creative search engine solution to build your brand awareness

  • What is Xiaohongshu and how can your brand benefit from it

  • How can your brand promote with the help of KOL

Workshop 2 - 29th August 2018

During the workshop, our Founder, Elaine Wong, uncovered the 3 key steps to operating on the hashtag#China social hashtag#eCommerce APP hashtag#XiaoHongShu and the tactics in using hashtag#KOLs:

  • Master the XiaoHongShu community

  • Sell on the APP

  • Decide the tier of KOL to work with according to your goal

Workshop 3 - 18th October 2018

The workshop featured a range of great discussions about the platform XiaoHongShu and China social eCommerce strategies, including:

  • Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

  • Use of data

  • Tactics for operation and marketing on Tmall & XiaoHongShu

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