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Case study: BUFFX - Functional food, not supplements

While talking to many foreign supplements brands, I found a common problem is that brands always think they should target middle-aged consumers and sell in drug stores, like how they succeed in their home countries.

In China, is it possible to build a supplement brand for Gen-Z?

Check out BUFFX, a young and trendy Chinese brand targeting Gen Zers, just established last year. The brand doesn’t position themselves as a supplement brand, but a functional food. The founder once said “Supplements usually have bad reputation in China. The benefits are overstated and sound like scam”. Its best seller BUFFX SLEEP, a jelly sugar to aid sleep, sold 20k pcs each month.

✅ Gen Zers are not too young for supplements. BUFFX found the most common concerns for Gen Zers - sleeping problems, hair-loss, eye-care etc.

✅ Traditional supplements are usually tablets or capsules, tastes like a drug. BUFFX’s jelly sugar tastes just like a sugar, making customers more willing to try.

✅ Young consumers love to shop online. There won’t be a pharmacist standing next to them introducing the functions and benefits. That’s why product, packaging, visual design need to be very eye-catching. BUFFX’s comic design easily differentiates from traditional supplement brands.


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