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A new research from iiMedia on China e-commerce development

A new research from iiMedia on China e-commerce development in the first half of 2019. Here are some key takeaways:

1. Total online sales have reached 19520 billion, accounting for 24.7% of total social retail sales. Up to 2019, China Mobile eCommerce users are expected to exceed 700 million people.

2. Different user group for different platforms In terms of gender, male users prefer JD (58.75%), yet female user prefer Tmall (67.14%). In terms of age, consumers under age 24 are the biggest age group for all major eCommerce platforms, expecially Tmall (48.76%).

3. eCommerce Streaming has become a new lifestyle. 30% of users watch live streaming 4-6 times each week. More than half of users believe that live streaming can strongly stimulate their desire to purchase. Live streaming makes it easier for consumers to understand product functions and communicate with sellers. Among all types of live streaming, beauty category is most popular (27.6%). Following are electronics (26.8%), house ware (23.6%), fashion (23.6%), outdoor (22.8%), and personal care (20.5%).

Download the full report here.


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