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Your insider into China market


RED is the most popular Chinese social commerce APP among millennials.

It combines social media with eCommerce, offers a great place to sell products and build word of month at the same time, especially for new brands.

Double V. China eCommerce aims to help International brands enter the Chinese market. We assist you with branding & marketing and guiding you through setting up a commerce shop in China. We specialise particularly in the rapidly growing social + ecommerce platform XiaoHongShu (RED).


With our expertise and experiences working with an endless number of brand, we are a regular contributor to global media and research companies. 

We have offices operating both in Hong Kong and China. 

Your Guide to XiaoHongShu

This is the most comprehensive and an in-depth guideline talking about everything you need to know about XiaoHongShu and how brands can use this platform, jointly published by Double V. Consulting founders Elaine Wong and Miro Li; and Lauren Hallanan, Chinese social media marketing expert.

Xiaohongshu RED Guide V2.0 has been published in Nov 2019. This update mainly includes:

✅ The latest rules for brands and KOLs

✅ New functions, recent trends and popular content types

✅ Suggestions on the best practice (e.g. how to not get blocked?)

✅ Brand case studies and KOLs to check out


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