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Do I Need to Register a Chinese Company?

Yes and No. There are several solutions to launch your Chinese online shop or social media accounts without a Chinese legal entity. For example, you can build your own Chinese website or open a shop on a Chinese cross border marketplace. A proof of a legal entity in your country will be enough.

How Do I Receive Payment in My Country?

Instead of Using Credit Cards, a majority of Chinese customers pay in RMB with WeChat Pay, Alipay or Union Pay. We could help you to build up your Chinese online shop which could allow you to receive USD in your local bank account.

How Do I Handle the Logistics?

Depending on your volume, there are different options. 

At the beginning with small volumes, shipping directly from your country to the end customers in China may be a good option. It would be easier for you to control the risk and cost.

After several months with large volumes, you could consider to use a warehouse and logistics partner located in Hong Kong or in a free-trade zone in China. We will assist you and recommend trusted partners.

Some cross-border marketplaces also provide logistics support with logistics centre located in Europe, USA, Australia, Hong Kong etc. We will help you choose the right marketplace according to your needs.

Which Type of WeChat Accounts Should I Get?

There are 2 types of WeChat Official Accounts:

  1. Subscription Accounts (订阅号): can send up to 1 message per day and are grouped together in a folder appearing alongside your friends in the chat section. Can be created with a Chinese ID or a Chinese company.

  2. Service Accounts (服务号): can send up to 4 messages per month and appear as a friends in the chat section. They have more functions (e.g. WeChat payment) compared to subscription accounts. Can only be created with a Chinese company.

Depending on your objective on using WeChat, we will help you to pick the suitable type of Account.

Which Online Marketplaces Should I Choose?

There are a lot of online marketplaces in China, including comprehensive marketplaces (Tmall, JD, Taobao, VIP), cross-border marketplaces (Kaola, RED, Ymatou), and marketplaces focusing on one specific category (Mia for baby products, Jumei for beauty products).

Each platform has its own requirements and policies. We will help you choose the right channel after we analyse your brand and products. Here are some of the key questions to start with:

  1. Are you a new brand to China?

  2. Who is your target customer (gender, age, income, city tiers)?

  3. What is the average retail price of your products (luxury, medium, medium to low)? 

  4. What is your budget?

How does a KOL Campaign Work?

KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) are influencers, bloggers, vloggers in China.

We are working with 100+ KOLs on social platforms including WeChat, Weibo, RED, Meipai, Yi Zhibo, Douyin etc. with followers from 10k to millions. Each KOL has a specialised industry (beauty, baby & maternity, fashion, travel, and food etc.). The content can be photos, videos, and live streaming etc. 

We help you identify and select the most suitable KOLs for your brand. KOLs will create the content (photos, videos and copywriting) and post it online.

A detailed post-campaign report with data analysis and will be delivered one week after the campaign.

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