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Do “Little Red Heart Awards” hit your heart?

Today, RED/Xiaohongshu officially launched “Little Red Heart Awards”, which includes lists of the most popular products on XHS. There are in total 3108 products joining the competition. XHS includes almost half a million users that have purchased these products in the past year and invites them to be the contributor and give scores. Each product has 5 to 10 rating items. At last, the awards include 93 ranking lists (including skin care, cosmetics, list of most popular Chinese products, new products etc.) and 656 products. The Best Cosmetics Awards of cosme from Japan has been very popular in China. Every year consumers would check the award list and the top ones would become super popular and can easily be sold out. As the one of the most popular social communities in China, this year XHS creates their own Award list (not only including cosmetics), which will definitely become a super popular 种草 list!


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